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Having been in practice for 11 years, I feel blessed to work with a variety of people from many different backgrounds. My approach to your healthcare is always one of respect and trust. I feel everyone has everything within themselves to be happy, healthy and whole. I merely facilitate changes, or remove blockages that are preventing your body from healing itself. Our bodies are amazing machines, designed perfectly. However, life presents road-blocks that prevent our bodies from performing the way they were designed to perform.

We live in a toxic world. Pollutants are in our air and water. The pesticides, chemicals and hormones in our foods all weaken our systems. Stress is also a huge factor in how well our bodies function. Physiologically, we are designed for survival (the fight or flight response.) Energy is pulled away from the internal systems such as digestion, the immune system and cognitive (brain) function when we are under stress or in danger. Instead, all our energy goes outward to our musculoskeletal system to help us run faster, or fight better to escape danger. Today’s stressful lifestyles take a toll on our health in very noticeable ways.

Many times when people are discussing their past interactions with a doctor or health practitioner, they have felt that their thoughts or ideas about what is going on with their bodies have been disregarded. My goal is to always listen to a person and empower you to fine tune your own intuition. You and your body are the experts on you, and what is causing one persons symptoms may be totally different than the next person presenting with the exact same symptoms.

My father was a Chiropractor, and, in our family, alternative healthcare was always the first choice. It was just the way we lived. My parents were trail blazers when, at the time, concerning oneself with nutrition and chiropractic care were considered “quackery.” Being raised with that mindset prepared me to take it to the next level. We first heard about NAET through a friend of my father’s, who although skeptical had wonderful results from practitioner in Idaho. When I researched it I was immediately intrigued and wanted to learn more. After some time and another series of events, my father, sister (who is also a chiropractor) and I went to take the training in 2000. The evolution of myself as a practitioner has come so far since then, I am excited to see what lies ahead in my own learning and understanding.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of life-long "programming." As a result of past negative programming, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. PSYCH-K provides a user-friendly way to rewrite the "software" of your mind by changing beliefs that sabotage you into beliefs that support you...quickly and easily.

We are all unique creations and our goal is to listen to the body and work with it rather than ignore it, suppress symptoms with drugs or try to beat it into submission. By changing the way the body feels about and reacts to different substances that are causing it distress, my intention is to always create harmony in your system.

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You are what you eat! The secret to good health is achieved through right nutrition. What is right nutrition? And how do you get it? 

When you can eat nutritious foods without discomfort and assimilate their nutrients, that food is said to be the right food. When you get indigestion, bloating, or other digestive troubles upon eating the food, that food is not helping you function normally. This is due to an allergy to the food.

Different foods react differently in different people. What is food for some may be poison for others. You've probably heard the expression , “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” So, it is very important to clear the allergy to the nutrients. Allergic people can tolerate food that is low in nutrition better than nutritious food. But upon clearing the allergy, you should try to eat more wholesome, nutritious foods.

You should avoid refined, bleached food that is devoid of nutrients. Many people who are feeling poorly due to undiagnosed food allergies, may take vitamins or other supplements to increase their vitality after they get treated for the specific supplements. If they happen to be allergic to the nutritional supplements they are taking, this can actually make them feel worse. Only after clearing those allergies, can their bodies properly assimilate them.

So nutritional assessment should be done periodically and if needed, appropriate supplements should be taken to receive faster results.



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